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Attention seeking best friend will be a problem at the wedding

I love her dearly but my best friend always has to be the centre of attention. It has been like that ever since we were at school. There was a group of six of us and she was always the leader, the one who was cheekiest to the teachers and the one who stared at the boys she fancied. I was always a follower who said very little. After school, when the others moved away, we stayed friends. Now I am getting married and I am terrified that she will steal the show even at the wedding itself. I want that day to be about me. If I don’t do something there is every chance that when people talk about my wedding day in years to come, all of the stories will be about her!

Wo says: There is an old song lyric, ‘if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you are with’. It is like that for girls with best friends. She may not be the best friend you would have in an ideal world, but she is the one you have. I recommend that you embrace her character and involve her in every aspect of the planning. That way, there is a good chance that the stories will be about what the pair of you got up to and there shouldn’t be any surprises on the big day itself.

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