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I don’t want to be pregnant at my wedding but he says I shouldn’t worry

I come from a very traditional background and I really believe that sex should be something that happens only once you are married. My boyfriend was always very respectful as his family is similar to mine and they certainly expect me to be a virgin on my wedding day. The trouble started when we became engaged and then fixed the wedding day. My boyfriend says that it means we are now in an unbreakable contract and so we can start to have sex. I love him madly so when we kiss I very much want it to go further, but I still think it is wrong. Also, contraception is very difficult. Even if I managed to get the pill from somewhere that my family didn’t know, I couldn’t keep them at home. My sisters go through all of my things and they would find out. My boyfriend says that he’ll use a condom but I know from other friends that that is not reliable. In my nightmares I am walking into the church with a swollen belly and everybody is pointing and laughing. How do I keep my fiancĂ© from getting his way?

Wo says: I think it is time for you to do some research around this subject. There are many ways to have sex without using contraception or getting pregnant, though you still have to beware getting carried away in the moment. It will have to be you in control as men all too easily make bad decisions in the moment. Basically you have to make sure that you keep the bottom half of your clothes on, and impenetrable. Once you do that, you are safe. Of course, if you really think it is wrong then you just have to make him wait. Tell him that it proves how much marriage to him means to you.

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