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Should I let my boyfriend spend more on his car than on my engagement ring?

When we went looking for a ring, I really didn’t have much of an idea of prices. They all seemed expensive and my boyfriend suggested that I buy one that really didn’t cost much at all. I decided we should keep looking but in the interim my boyfriend has been talking about getting some new wheels for his car. When I looked at the adverts he was getting excited about, they showed he was about to spend twice as much on them as he wanted to spend on the ring. I had thought he was broke but he obviously has lots of money to spend if it is on something he wants. Should I tell him that I am unhappy or is it a silly thing to have a row over?

Wo says: There is definitely no need to have a row, but bargaining is an integral part of a happy married life. It is quite understandable that he doesn’t attach as much value to the look and value of a wedding ring as you do. After all, you don’t attach as much value to his new car accessories as he does. In short, express delight that he has so much disposable cash and then show him a picture of the more expensive ring you’d like to have. Better still, show him one that is even more expensive and then let him bargain you down.

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