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Should I push for a beach ceremony even though my boyfriend’s mother is ill?

Ever since I was a child I have wanted to get married on a beach, preferably on an island overseas somewhere. Now I am engaged and my fiancĂ©’s mother is ill. She is rather an invalid and does not want to travel too far and certainly not get on a plane. That means that if I insist on a beach ceremony then it will exclude her, which is something I don’t think my boyfriend would accept. On the other hand, she knows about my dream so she could easily decide to approve us going ahead without her. To be honest, it feels a little selfish that she hasn’t already suggested it. Should I talk to her and see if she would agree?

Wo says: Bad girl! If you make a mistake on this one it will haunt your marriage for years to come. I’d suggest that you try and arrange a two stage wedding with the main ceremony close to home and then later some form of blessing for you on a nice foreign beach, where you can go along with a few friends. I’m sure that his mother will be happy with that and will understand – and even if she then suggests that you go ahead and get married abroad, do not accept the offer. It is a test and you will fail it if you accept.

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