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Should we spend our money on the wedding or on saving for a house?

Several of my close friends have had really big weddings where everybody got invited and the catering was really expensive. They want me to do something similar but my family hasn’t got that sort of money. The only way we can afford to do it is if we use lots of our savings to add to the money our parents can contribute. If we do that, though, it could add years onto the time when we have enough money to put down a deposit on a house. Does that matter though? Isn’t it better to have the memories of a really lovely wedding?

Wo says: What does your husband-to-be think? His opinion is more important than that of your friends in this. If he doesn’t want to spend the money and then you find yourself living in a tiny rented flat for years on end, it will be him you will be having arguments with about what a poor decision it was. On the other hand, if he likes the idea of a big wedding and accepts the consequences you are on safer ground. Personally I would try and be economical. Money is easy to spend and hard to earn.

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  • Tina


    I know from personal experience that it can be really difficult to have friends who have a lot more money. It is so tempting to try to keep up with them but in the long run it can only end in tears. When I found myself broke I was amazed how quickly my so called friends disappeared. I realised all too late that I was an embarrassment to them when I couldn’t afford to meet them for meals out and so on. They didn’t want to reduce their lifestyle just so that I could afford to tag along.

    My advice is, plan a wedding that is within your means. Either your friends will be fine with that or they aren’t really your friends.

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