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Was I short-changed by getting married during the COVID crisis?

It probably seems selfish but I was married right in the middle of the epidemic and I was only allowed to have a tiny number of people at the ceremony and the reception was more like a small tea-party. At the time, I was delighted to be married yet now I wonder if we should have waited. My older friends have so many memories of their wedding day, and pictures and video. I now feel quite left out of the conversations. Should we maybe arrange a larger family and friend get together on the anniversary? I think it might look as if we are hoping to get all of the presents that we missed out on earlier. on the other hand, most of the family and friends like a good party, so it might be OK.

Wo says: Yes, you were short-changed, as were many others whose lives and careers and education were put on hold by the pandemic. We were living in such a golden age that we had forgotten that life changing events on this scale could happen. Previous generations had World Wars and epidemics plus uncertain healthcare and a myriad of different problems, so by comparison we can count our blessings. Anyway, by all means plan a big celebration but do it for your 5th or even your 10th anniversary. That gives you time to save and you can join in all of those conversations by talking about the huge plans you have for the anniversary event.

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