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Everything is happening too quickly and I’ll soon be married before I have got used to the idea!

I know that some people meet one week and then run away to get married the next, but I am not like that. It has always taken me a while to get used to new things. I am the kind of person who prefers to go to the same local restaurant and order the same dish every time. I hate it when I am on holiday and people want to try out a new place to eat every night. It is like that with getting married. He is much older than me and I accepted his proposal when he made it, though I was not expecting it. I was happy at first but I am still processing my new situation. Now his family says that we have to get married soon as that makes it easier for relatives to visit. I am just not ready for this but I don’t know how to slow things down.

Wo says: It does sound as if you have got yourself into a bit of a nightmare for someone of your temperament. I wonder if you have any family of your own who might be able to help you by asking for a delay for their own reasons as I can see that you are not very assertive yourself. You should also talk to your future husband and suggest an alternative timescale and see what he says. Ultimately you can delay things if you really, really want to. Nobody wants a bride who has to be carried kicking and screaming down the aisle.

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