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I am determined to lose weight for my wedding but dare I buy a dress that is too small?

The lead times that my local shops give me for a wedding dress seem ridiculous to me but there is nothing I can do about it. That means that I have to decide on the dress I am having many months in advance when there is no way of knowing if I’m going to be successful losing the weight I need to. I am tempted to gamble everything and go for a dress which is two sizes smaller than I am now, but what happens if my diet goes wrong? On the other hand, if I get a dress that is my current size and then decide to lose weight it could look silly on me. What do I do?

Wo says: It is really common to have a target weight in mind for your wedding and go for it, but you need to make preparations in advance for how you can handle it if your plans go wrong. If you don’t feel that your wedding dress shop is being very helpful, then see if there is a local seamstress who specialises in wedding dress alterations so that you can see what they advise on their timescales. Most seem to prefer to have at least three to four weeks between them seeing you and the dress together, then making any necessary changes, but they also have express services at a premium price. They can also tell you the implications of having to let out the particular designer dress you have in mind. I hope your diet goes well, but remember that your partner loves you the way that you are now, so it really does not matter to them.

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