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I could never have married my old boyfriend but though I am getting married I still miss him in bed!

I love my husband to be to bits, and he is definitely the right choice for me. He makes me laugh all of the time and he would do anything for me. He has a great job and he is really looking forward to being a father. The only trouble is that I have memories of an old lover that won’t go away. That boy was unfaithful to me, he would lose his temper and scare me, and he can’t hold down a job for more than a few months. He was really exciting in bed though, in a way that my bloke just isn’t. Is this a sign that I should put my marriage plans on hold?

Wo says: Do not be silly. If you wait for your perfect man to come along then you’ll be the oldest person at your own wedding, if it ever happens. The man you obviously want would have to be both unpredictable and thrilling and sexy while also being a good provider and entirely reliable. Women have long known that they have to get the ‘bad boy’ syndrome out of the way when they are young so that they can partner up with the better provider. It is in our genes somewhere. If your husband to be is a little dull in bed then why not help him along with a few suggestions. I am sure that he will come to appreciate it.

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