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I had a slip of the tongue speaking to his brother and now he thinks I fancy him!

We met away at university, so when we were celebrating our engagement at my man’s home it was one of the first times that I met his younger brother. After a few drinks in the pub, he patted his lap as I walked past to encourage me to sit on his lap. I could see he was being mischievous so I said quickly ‘I am not sitting on your lap!’ but it came out as ‘I am not sitting on your lips!” Nobody else heard and he just smiled then, later on, came and whispered in my ear ‘I liked your Freudian slip. You must have been thinking what I was.’ I pushed him away but he just kept smiling and now he winks at me every time I see him. He hasn’t tried anything on yet it makes me nervous to visit my future in-laws house. How long do you think it will be until he lets this go?

Wo says: I think you are worrying too much about this. Somebody a bit more confident than you would just have given him a hard stare then said ‘In your dreams!’ and walked away. As it is, you say that he is only winking at you, in which case it should be simple to ignore him. If you have to look at him directly ask him loudly whether he has got something in his eye again, so that he is the one who has to do the explaining. If he tries to describe what you originally said to anyone else, then say he must be hard of hearing. He probably isn’t really trying to cause you any harm but is just a young man with a misplaced sense of humour.

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