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I helped my friend out with her online sex website but now the photos are starting to circulate

One of my girlfriends heard about people making money with this new website where you have a private set of admirers who pay money to share some intimate stuff. She started up and was not getting much uptake so she decided to spice it up and asked if I’d pretend to do some lesbian stuff with her. It was all extremely tame and I insisted on keeping my knickers on despite her promising that only her subscribers would see it. I don’t know how but now some pictures have leaked out and they show the two of us together. My fiancĂ© knew about it and thought it was a laugh but now his mates are sharing the pictures on their phones he is getting angry with me and talking about calling the wedding off. Is there anything I can do?

Wo says: There certainly isn’t any way to stop the pictures from circulating – that genie is out of the bottle. You need to remember that you have not done anything wrong. Foolish possibly, but not wrong. The only reason that your friend thought she might make money is because of the demand from men, so they really don’t have any right to criticise. The only real problem here is the reaction of your fiancĂ©. You should certainly apologise for causing him embarrassment (men are such frail flowers) but then encourage him to be grateful that he has such a sexy girlfriend.

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