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I invited the wrong friend to the wedding reception and now I don’t know how to get out of the situation!

I am normally quite an organised person but getting ready for the wedding has made me get flustered and make mistakes. We booked a room at the local hotel that takes 60 people, which is really as many people as we can afford to have there. I have two friends with the same first name, Beth. One is quite a close friend and the other is more of a work colleague. When I sent out the invitations I meant to just invite the close one, but I messed up and my mum did the addressing from my address book so I didn’t pick up the mistake then either. My close friend asked where her invite was, and that was when I spotted the mistake. Now the other one has sent back an acceptance and it included her significant other. If the room had more space I’d simply pay the extra for two people and put it down as just one of those things. Unfortunately the hotel says they can’t fit two more people in unless I am prepared to move everything to another room that is hundreds of pounds more. I feel trapped, so what should I do?

Wo says: I think you probably need to say to go and see Beth from work and say that you have had a bit of a mess up with the numbers for your wedding and you can’t have as many at the reception as you had hoped. I don’t think you need share with her that her invite was a mistake. As you aren’t close friends she was probably surprised to be invited in the first place so she probably won’t mind as long as you tell her sooner than later and she doesn’t spend money on presents or an outfit. Truth to tell, we all get invites to weddings where we really don’t want to go along all that much but feel that we should once we are invited. She may secretly be relieved.

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