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I loved my engagement ring until I saw my friend’s and now I want to upgrade it but my boyfriend is upset!

So my boyfriend and I spent ages shopping for my engagement ring and we even went to Amsterdam to get a good one though that didn’t work out. Anyway, we eventually decided on the one that I would have and when we bought it I was very excited and showed everybody. Now it is a few weeks later and one of my girlfriends is showing off her ring and it is so much better than mine. She knows it too and she is enjoying how I go silent whenever she flashes it and gives our other friends a knowing look. She has always been a bit mean to me but it does get to me, however hard I try to ignore her. Now I’d like to go out and spend money I can’t afford to be able to beat her. My boyfriend has found out how I feel and now he is mad at me. I feel totally trapped!

Wo says: I am with your boyfriend on this. Your engagement ring signals your love for each other and the moment that you decided that you are definitely getting married. Your bitchy friend will probably be pulling this stunt on you for the rest of your life, or as long as you let her stay your friend. She may have a better car, a taller boyfriend, a better paid job, a bigger house, more academic children. Either you work out how to deal with her or your suffering has no end.

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