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My boyfriend has so many secrets from me so should I marry him?

My boyfriend is really fanciable and I am totally in love with him. The trouble is that he just won’t be honest with me about so many things. For example, I know he gambles but he will never tell me how much he has won or lost. He goes out with his mates but he tells me it is none of my business when I ask what they got up to. I know what his job is but there are areas of his past that he won’t tell me anything about and I wonder if he was in prison for a while. We are talking about getting married but his secrecy worries me so much. Should I break it off with him?

Wo says: It sounds as if this secrecy thing of his is deep seated as he does it in so many areas of his life. It is definitely time to have a serious sit down with him and give him an ultimatum – either he openly answers all of your questions or you are off. I know that is easy to say and hard to do, but the alternative is a married life where this could get worse – he leaves the house in the morning and gets home whenever and you aren’t allowed to know what is going on. That is no way to live. I suspect that you will have to break off the relationship though, because even if he promises to do better he will probably go back to his sneaky ways of doing things.

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