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My boyfriend used to date my best friend and she never lets me forget it

I met my husband-to-be at least four years ago when he was part of a gang who knew each other from school. Before we became serious he had a couple of months dating my best female friend and when they broke up we got together and have stayed together ever since. The trouble is, my girlfriend is a bit of a bitch and can’t stop herself reminding us both that they once had a fling. At every opportunity, she remarks on his hidden birthmark or on other more intimate personal characteristics of his, even the funny faces he pulls at times during sex. I have tried telling her to pack it in but she just tells me not to be silly. My man just tries to ignore her but I am sure he wishes it would end too. Any suggestions please?

Wo says: The solution is to wait until after your wedding. You do not want a big bust up with a close friend when your wedding is on the horizon, so just grin and bear it for the moment. You can try a little sarcasm if you like, maybe keep a scorecard or ‘bingo card’ of mentions in your bag and pull it out and tick it when she says a familiar phrase. If you get past your wedding and she is still doing it then you can become far harder on her by not inviting her to your house and saying why. Once she knows that a word out of place leads to some sanctions she might start to behave a little better to you.

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