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My boyfriend was a star but now he has lost his job and his mojo so should I still marry him?

When I first met my man he was actually just a teenager who was good at football and who had an apprenticeship (or something like that) at our local football club. All of the girls fancied him as he was very athletic and confident. I was one of the lucky ones to date him and then we ended up going out together quite steadily. He got a contract and sometimes they played him in the first team, which made him a bit of a local hero in our area of the town. We got engaged and everything was looking good – until he had a patch of poor form and they dropped him. It has transformed him entirely and now I am less sure about getting married. What do you think?

Wo says: Stand by your man, as they say. I assume that you shared a bit more than football and that you love him for some of his other characteristics as well! In some ways you might be quite lucky. Young football players who do have success are not well known for staying faithful and true to their first loves. You have a good, hard working and attractive man who now needs your support in finding his new path in life. If that does not appeal to you then maybe you would be doing him a favour by breaking of the engagement as he could probably do better for himself.

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