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My boyfriend’s dad has the hots for me because I mistakenly gave him the idea I was interested!

When I first went to my boyfriend’s house we were with two of my girlfriends and in a silly mood. When we were sat around I noticed that his dad couldn’t keep his eyes off my legs – I was wearing a micro-skirt. For a laugh I flashed him my knickers, or I would have done if I was wearing any but I had forgotten that I wasn’t. He went bright red and left the room but unfortunately I kept on going out with my boyfriend for two more years and we are now engaged. We will be living with his parents after the wedding and his dad has got the idea that he is on a promise. He keeps coming up close behind me and pressing himself against me, and he makes jokes in front of everybody about looking forward to seeing me coming out of the bathroom in my negligee the morning. Obviously my boyfriend doesn’t know about the original incident and he just tells me that his dad was always a bit of a joker. What do I do?

Wo says: A firm stamp down on his foot with your heels when he next comes up close behind you would start to convey a clearer message, followed naturally by a sincere apology for mistakenly stepping back on him. If he talks about you coming out of the bathroom then cruelly say that you are dreading seeing him with his beer gut and in his Y-fronts. If your boyfriend objects to you being rude, say that you are just being a joker like his dad. With a bit of luck he does have a sense of humour and he’ll start behaving normally to you.

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