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My uncle gave my brother money as a wedding present but I am just getting a set of fish knives!

When my only brother got married a few years ago he and his wife to be were saving for a house and so my rich uncle gave them a cheque that I know was for several thousand pounds. He has always been nice to my sisters and me and so I was amazed when I found out that he only plans to buy my partner and me a set of fish knives for my wedding present. I am sure that they will be top quality but it will be only a few hundred pounds worth. I feel short-changed. Don’t I deserve the same treatment as my brother?

Wo says: Of course you do, and if he hasn’t suddenly lost his money then it would be great if you could do something about this. After all, you are fighting for your other sisters as well so that they don’t get treated equally badly when they come to get married. Of course, there are no rules to say that he has to give you the same amounts, and in his mind he may have an old-fashioned view about the importance of boys and girls in the family when it comes to getting married. This needs you to be polite and to win him over to your way of thinking. I’d advise that you visit him with your sisters and a gift or nice meal or whatever and then broach the subject of equal treatment. It might go wrong but with all of you there together smiling at him he will probably give in. At worst all you have to lose is a set of fish knives.

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