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One of my potential bridesmaids has a perfect bum and I don’t want her to upstage me!

Ever since that royal wedding, everybody has been super aware of the bridesmaid with the perfect bottom who upstages the bride when she walks down the aisle. In my case I have a young cousin who is absolutely dying to be one of my bridesmaids but I have seen her out and about in various outfits and the eyes always follow her, and she knows it. She certainly outscores me in that department. I know that if she is there, then my big entrance in the church will be totally upstaged by her and it bothers me. I am not often the centre of attention and this is my occasion. How do I avoid her being a bridesmaid when everybody else thinks she is perfect?

Wo says: That is a tricky one, particularly as I don’t know all of the circumstances. I guess that you have a few options. Firstly you can propose other people who you would prefer. After all, the role of the bridesmaid is quite important in helping you get ready for the wedding, so you could say she is too young. That is tricky though as others are likely to say that they will help her. Another idea is to have lots of bridesmaids so that she is surrounded by lots of others, which will do something to hide her attractions. My last idea is to ensure that the bridesmaid’s outfits are not figure hugging so that there is less opportunity for her to show her rear off. At the end of the day, however, you may have to accept that she is family, and family must be accepted even if they are annoying.

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