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Do we really have to pay for meals for the wedding photographer and the florist?

The cost of our wedding has sky-rocketed over the past few months. My parents are mostly paying and they are really struggling with the bills because the guest list kept expanding as we realised various friends and relatives would be upset if we didn’t invite them. Now the final straw is that the event planner at the venue has pointed out that suppliers who we have hired and who will be there on the day usually also expect a meal. For example, we are already paying the photographer a small fortune so shouldn’t they feed themselves?

Wo says: We did hear of a photographer recently who took such offence at not being given a meal that they deleted all of the pictures that they had taken so far and then stormed off. Clearly such scenes are to be avoided, so you need to be clear in your communications beforehand. Some photographers and other suppliers are very relaxed and will say that they always bring their own refreshments and are always too busy to eat a full meal. Others will say that they are usually provided with the same refreshments as any other guest – it may even be in the small print of the contract if you have one. Sorry to hear about your soaring costs though. Weddings really can be very stressful.

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