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I found out my fiancée has commitment issues but she won’t discuss them with me!

Once a week my fiancée disappears in her car to go to see a therapist. She told me it was to do with an eating disorder that she had when she was younger but I overheard her on a phone call in the next room and she was telling a girlfriend about her last session. She said that the therapist had told her that her commitment issues all dated back to her teenage years. I asked her about it but all she did was yell at me for snooping on her conversations and she won’t discuss it at all. As far as I know the only area of her life where she could be having ‘commitment issues’ is with our relationship. Shouldn’t I have a right to know about that?

Wo says: There is an old saying that goes something like: ‘Those who listen at doors rarely hear good things about themselves’. I know that sometimes it is impossible not to overhear a conversation however, so you really can’t be blamed. You do have to let your girl have her secrets though. Even if it is true that she has discussed your relationship with her therapist, she is clearly trying to fix the problem. What more can you ask? I would suggest never mentioning the topic again.

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