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I got rid of her annoying cat and I’m terrified that she will find out!

When I met my girlfriend she had a cat that she doted on. It was an overfed ginger moggie that she had got from a shelter, and it wouldn’t leave me alone. I do not like cats yet they always seem to want to come to me. A few weeks ago I was staying in her flat while she was away on a training course. I had a couple of drinks and was lying back on the sofa when the cat jumped onto my lap causing me a lot of pain. I knocked it across the room and it started limping so I panicked. The next morning I drove it miles away on my way to work, and abandoned it in an estate there – it was quite a nice area so I thought it would quickly get adopted. I told my girlfriend that it had not come home that night and we spent days looking for it then gradually gave up. I thought everything was fine but she has now mentioned that it has an electronic tag registered to her so she might still hear something if it turns up. If someone says they found the cat and gives the date and the place then it is going to look bad for me!

Wo says: You don’t mention if you planned to get married but if so I think you already blew it, and your girlfriend is probably better off if you don’t. I suspect some of our readers would happily drive you a few miles away and abandon you, given the chance. The only possible salvation for you is to go back to where you abandoned her cat and find it. That is, put up some posters, knock on a few doors and so on. If you have success then you can be a hero in your girlfriend’s eyes. Our readers will never forgive you though.

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