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My bloke is never serious about anything, so will marriage mature him?

I am terrified that I am going to end up married to a man who will act like a teenager forever. He never takes anything seriously. Even when he seems about to give me a straight answer to anything, he then turns it into a joke. For example, if I ask him how many children we should have he might say “Two”, but a moment later he’ll add “One by each of my wives!” If he doesn’t have a smart-ass answer he’ll tend to just say that he doesn’t know and he doesn’t want to think about boring stuff. Will getting married change him or am I stuck with this forever?

Wo says: What will probably change him is going out to work and having a boss and workmates and needing to earn enough to raise one or more children. Most work environments force people to grow up quickly because busy people do not have time for nonsense like that. The other obvious point is that, if he won’t make clear decisions, then you have to start making them for him. He’ll soon get the idea if you increasingly take the lead in making decisions.

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