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My boyfriend never proposed marriage properly and it is starting to eat away at me!

When my boyfriend proposed it was along the lines of ‘Will you be my permanent ****”. I told him to say it properly, preferably on bended knee, but he refused. When he asked me if I accepted, eventually I said yes but I can’t forget that he never asked me properly. I had dreamed of being proposed to ever since I was a child and now I feel that I have been robbed of that memory. Is it too late to insist that he does it?

Wo says: No, it is never too late. Being a man he was probably really embarrassed about proposing, so he made a crude joke of it. He was then stubborn about doing it the way that you wanted. If he loves you, and he probably does, then he will be happy to make it right if he doesn’t also feel that he is losing an argument. Ideally you will find a mutual friend or other third party to have a word in his ear to explain how much it would mean to you.

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