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My fiancé has suggested a prenup and I worry that it means he is already contemplating divorce!

I live in England and my fiancé has said that we should draw up a prenup. I think his parents must have put the idea into his head because he only mentioned it for the first time after our engagement party, which was the first time I had spoken to them at length. They are a lot richer than my parents and I gather that they have already settled some money on him in some kind of trust fund. I can see that they might be worried that I am a gold-digger but I don’t see how my boyfriend can even entertain that idea. We were together for a long time before I knew anything about his family and he has never seemed to have much cash to splash. To be honest, I didn’t even know that you could do prenups in England anyway. Should I be worried?

Wo says: If you do a web search for ‘prenups england’ you will find a lot of relevant information. In short, they do happen in the UK and can be enforced providing they are correctly drawn up. The key requirement is that you get good legal advice, independent of your husband to be. If you decide to accept getting a prenup then you should find a good solicitor and find out how much their advice would cost, then get your husband to accept that he is paying that bill as well as his own. The bigger question is whether this is an advance sign of a problem in your relationship. Only you can tell that, and a good early test is to see what he says will happen if you refuse to sign one. That will tell you how much this is his idea and how much this is coming from his parents.

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