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My future wife has just gone Vegan but there is no way that I am giving up bacon!

I have known for ages that my girlfriend preferred vegetarian food and supported an animal cruelty charity. She never seemed to take it all too seriously though, probably because we don’t yet live together so we get most of our food either at a parent’s house or as takeaways. Now we are contemplating setting up house and she would be the one to cook. She tells me that she really doesn’t want to handle meat and that it would be best if I became vegan too, not vegetarian mind you, she wants me to go full vegan. I see trouble ahead! Is she being unreasonable?

Wo says: Living together and being married are all about accepting each other’s differences and negotiating ways to support each other. You have to support her and she has to support you. That said, if she feels strongly then it is not reasonable to ask her to handle meat, so you are going to have to involve yourself in some cooking at least. A roast chicken can last you several days and it is easy for you to learn how to cook one. Similarly, a joint of beef is easy for you to do. All you would be asking her to do is to prepare a tasty set of vegetable dishes to go alongside your meat. See what she says. I am sure she wants to find a solution too.

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