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My girl is so sore from her exercise bike that we can’t make love anymore!

My girlfriend decided to lose weight to fit into the wedding dress that she has purchased. She bought one of these expensive bikes with an online connection and a screen and has become totally addicted to it. She is actually losing weight quite fast, but as she never rests she has horrible red marks and sores, I guess it is the same as the “saddle sores” that I remember from being a kid with my first bike. I try to get her to take a few days off to recover but she says she’ll lose her personal record and start to gain weight again. All of that would be fine but we haven’t been able to get it together for weeks now. Getting engaged wasn’t meant to be like this!

Wo says: Of course these exercise bike products are designed to be addictive. They generate excitement so that they can charge a multiple of the price of an old-style exercise bike. Your girlfriend’s problem is very common because, as you suggest, the best solution is to take a few days off and the bike software doesn’t like that idea in case she doesn’t return. If you search the web for the product name plus saddle sores you will see lots of articles with suggestions. Apparently the problem is caused by a combination of friction and bacteria. I’m sure she will be appropriately grateful to you for helping her find a solution.

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