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My girlfriend imagines in bed that I’m BoJo, so I’m losing my MoJo!

My wife-to-be has always been passionate, and we have had a very active sex life ever since we met. Now one of her girlfriends confided in me that when my girl closes her eyes during love making it is because she likes to imagine that I am other men. I guess I could handle that as I do a fair amount of fantasising myself. Then I found out that her most common fantasy is that I am the prime minister. As I am young, slim and fit, that blows my mind. Now, as soon as she closes her eyes in bed, his face pops into my head and everything falls apart. If she already finds him more attractive than me, is our marriage doomed?

Wo says: Having sex with a famous, powerful man is high on the list of female fantasies, though obviously media and pop and rock stars tend to be more popular than politicians. BoJo may be an exception in the UK because he is far more charismatic than most of the rather grey cast who surround him. All I can suggest is that you bring this out in the open by letting her know that you know. You could turn it into a game where you ask each other who they are thinking about now. Never make the mistake of saying the name of one of her girlfriends or one of your exes though. That game could be deadly!

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