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My girlfriend is determined to show off her tattoos at our wedding and its going to freak out my family!

Personally I’m not into tattoos and when I met my girl she only had two or three tasteful ones, for example a little mermaid on her lower back and some tiny hearts on her neck. I managed to convince her that having lots of visible tattoos might ruin her job prospects and she agreed to be discreet but over the years she has added lots more in hidden areas. Her back and lower back in particular is almost covered, and some of the designs are scary. Now though she has bought a wedding dress which is totally open and transparent at the back. She says that she wants everyone to know who she is, which will come as a shock to my family. My father in particular hates tattoos so we have made sure previously that he doesn’t find out. Why does she want to do this on our wedding day when it will surely lead to bad feelings? It beats me.

Wo says: Your wedding is the time to fully support your future wife. You may not like tattoos but they are obviously a very important part of her self-image. You should take the time to fully study and appreciate her artwork and let her know that you love both her and her tattoos. Your father and family will cope just fine with the situation after an initial shock. Even if they aren’t happy, your wife must come first in future.

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