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My girlfriend is terrified by climate change and wants me to promise that we will never have children!

We have just become engaged and so we have started talking about the long term for the first time. I knew that she was really concerned about environmental things but I didn’t appreciate how much it dominates her thinking. For example, she is convinced that the planet is doomed and that it will not be a fit place to live in in fifty years. That means that she wants me to promise that we will never have children but I do want kids. How can I convince her that things aren’t going to be as bad as she imagines?

Wo says: Her way of thinking (and she is not alone in thinking this way) seems strange to the older generation who cheerfully got on and raised children through world wars, pandemics without vaccines and other perilous times. You can try to discuss the latest evidence with her which shows that the extreme scenarios she fears are now thought to be very unlikely. Unfortunately, she is probably getting her news from social media or from news organisations who profit by keeping the population fearful. That being the case you will have a job persuading her that your children will be growing up in a more prosperous world with a better life expectancy than any previous generation. Luckily, the urge to have children is a strong one, so her thinking now and in a few years may be different anyway.

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