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My husband has been married before and doesn’t seem interested in a proper wedding!

We are in our thirties and have been together some years so thought it was right to get married. The trouble is, as he has been married before and I have not, we have different expectations of the ceremony. I want a proper white wedding in a church with lots of relatives and friends. He says that he thinks we should just go a Registry Office with a couple of friends and then get straight back to our normal life. I don’t think he plans on getting a new suit, or even his suit cleaned, and our honeymoon would just be our normal holiday. How do we bridge the gap?

Wo says: If you have been together for a few years then none of this probably comes as a surprise to you. You must be used to bargaining with him about lots of things, and his generally unromantic approach cannot come as a total shock. The answer has to lie somewhere in the middle. There are lots of venues nowadays to hold the ceremony which are more romantic than a Register Office, for example you could have a romantic barn wedding with the service outside in a beautiful garden. If you keep the numbers down then he could save money (which no doubt is one of his reasons) and also minimise fuss. Do your research and present him with an option that he might go for. As for the honeymoon, that should be non-negotiable. Go somewhere nice and celebrate your new life together.

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