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My husband to be made me promise we wouldn’t spend more than £2,000 on the wedding and it is doing my head in!

I understand that we are not rich but we are both in steady jobs and we have credit cards with headroom. Surely we should be maxing everything out to have the best possible wedding. We will have to be careful with money for years ahead whatever we spend now so wouldn’t it be best to have good memories to sustain us. The trouble is £2,000 hardly touches the sides of the costs. I like a wedding dress that is £900, and then there are bridesmaid’s outfits and the venue hire of the place I want is not cheap. If you work out feeding sixty or so people and paying a band for entertainment and so on it comes out as way more. What can I do?

Wo says: Budget problems are everywhere in planning a wedding, unless you happen to be born into real wealth. Even at the top end of the market there are brides complaining because they can’t afford a dress by the top designer, and that the country house they really want for their wedding is unaffordable. You do need to involve your partner in this though, as the consequences of spending more than the original budget will be suffered by the two of you together. Also bear in mind that most of the wedding industry is geared up to making you envy others and so want to spend more with them. Why not try to beat them? There are many budget locations and venues who are happy doing a hog roast (for example) rather than anything more formal and expensive. You can also find some beautiful wedding dresses in the ‘pre-loved’ category for a fraction of the price of new, and bridesmaids do not need to be in perfectly matched new outfits. Remember, the sooner you are able to be credit card debt-free, the sooner your marriage will flourish.

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