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My man is convinced there are UFOs and that alien technology is about to be revealed but everyone else thinks he is soft in the head!

When we first met I used to rather like the strange obsession my bloke had with Unidentified Flying Objects. All I had to do was nod and he would talk on for hours about the three times he had seen UFOs and about all of the American military evidence showing UFOs being tracked by military aircraft. Now that we are getting married though I just wish he would keep a lid on it. He has become so confident that he is right that he brings it up in conversation whoever we are talking to. My family are mostly quite polite and just tease him gently but in my wider friendship group he is becoming a bit of a joke. How can I get him to stop embarrassing himself?

Wo says: Ever since the USA government released some videos a couple of years ago this subject has become more mainstream. To anybody who is not caught up in the subject it seems bizarre. Why would aliens be buzzing around the planet but not bother making contact in a rather more conventional way? You probably need to put it onto a ‘banned conversation’ list (much as many couples did with Brexit a few years ago). That is, you agree with him that he won’t introduce it in conversation with new people. How you persuade him to stick with this rule is up to you. Most rules between couples are reinforced by a combination of stick and carrot!

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