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My man says that he will never wear a wedding ring and I worry it means he’s not committed!

All of the husbands of my married girlfriends wear a wedding ring and they exchanged them at their weddings, so I asked my man to go shopping for his one before our wedding. He just said that he had never worn any jewellery and didn’t plan to do so in the future. He says that it is just a way for the stores to make more money out of you and anyway he does a lot of DIY and it wouldn’t be safe. Personally I think that he just doesn’t like the idea of other women seeing that he is taken. He was always a bit of a womaniser before we went steady and I think he still wants to be able to flirt. How do I get him to accept that those days are over!

Wo says: We did a little research on this and it turns out that the tradition of men wearing rings is relatively new, dating mostly from the postwar period in the 1940s. There were two major reasons. Your man is right that the main push came from jewellery retailers trying to find new markets. At the same time there were less manual jobs and more office jobs so the ‘danger when working’ factor became less of an issue. In short, there is no absolute reason why he has to wear a ring. It really is just something to negotiate between you. You may find anyway that he relents as he settles into married life so he may be happy to wear a ring later on, just not at the wedding itself.

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