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My man voted for Brexit and I’m worried we will end up with no friends at our wedding!

In my friendship group everybody was against Brexit and they think that the people who voted for it are mad or worse. Unfortunately the two people I know who wanted Brexit were my father and my boyfriend. My father never stops talking about it but my boyfriend had the good sense to keep his views to himself. Now, though, he sees my dad a lot more (we are due to marry next June) so they talk about it together lots. That has given my boyfriend clearer arguments so, when we are out with friends, he starts to argue with them whenever the topic comes up – which it still does quite a lot. I really think that some of them are starting to avoid us as a result, and I worry that there will be lots who refuse to come to the wedding. How do I shut him up?

Wo says: One unfortunate side effect of the Brexit vote was that those on the losing side are still looking out for the evidence that proves their view was right all along. That means that the topic is not going to go away for many, many years. I think that you need to convince your man that he has the satisfaction of being on the winning side so he should be magnanimous in victory – i.e. shut up and let others sound off without feeling a need to put them right all of the time. After all, he can chat to your father about how wrong they are.

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