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The best man is really crude and I am dreading his speech at the wedding!

My man used to be a soldier and his best friend was in the same unit. He has a heart of gold but he is completely coarse in the way he expresses himself. As you can imagine, when they were serving overseas they got up to all sorts and when he has had a few drinks he likes to tell stories. Some of them are really explicit about sex, which I can cope with when we are in a small group of friends. At the wedding though there will be my parents and grandparents and lots of other old people. I just know he will have had a couple of drinks (or more) before he does his speech. How can I ensure that he doesn’t shock everybody and tell them things about my husband I’d rather they don’t know.

Wo says: Most men find the idea of doing a best man’s speech quite a challenge and so they are open to help with writing the words. If that is the case here then you can at least ensure that the prepared speech is suitable. He may not want you to be the one to help write it but perhaps a girlfriend or relative could talk to him and offer help. Of course, he may also like the idea of keeping you nervously waiting on what he is going to say in which case there is little you can do. In truth many best men start their speech well and then become overconfident, which means they are tempted to add random stories to keep the listeners applauding. The only thing you can do is to ask your husband-to-be to have a word in advance to agree on the stories that are 100% not to be used.

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