Cardiff Castle – Venue – Cardiff

Difficult to beat this as an impressive venue – possibly Buckingham Palace or Versailles. They suggest a range of 30 up to 150 people, with a choice of menus to suit all tastes. The grounds are obviously very extensive so there is no limit to the imaginative photography possible. Definitely worth a visit to see the options available.

business name:Cardiff Castle
what they do
(in their own words, Aug 2021)
“… one of the most exclusive wedding venues in Wales, the enchanting fairytale towers and lofty battlements conceal elaborate and splendid interiors of unique architecture, magnificent d├ęcor and breath-taking elegance. These remarkable rooms, created by the extraordinary vision and wealth of the 3rd Marquess of Bute, are the perfect place to stage your special day with that extra touch of magic.”
address:Cardiff Castle,
Castle Street,
CF10 3RB
three words:
phone:029 2087 8100

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