Cockley Woodland Wedding – Venue – Wakefield

For those who like to be outdoors, this venue will provide the solution. They do civil ceremonies under cover with hand made woodland seating. They say the ceremony can be tailored to your needs, including ‘Jumping the Broom’ if that is to your taste. There is then a covered canopy area where your caterers can work and you can eat.

business name:Cockley Woodland Weddings
what they do
(in their own words, Sept 2021)
“We have set out to create a truly unique Woodland Wedding Venue, to provide you with the perfect backdrop for the wedding of your choice. The setting is within a mature and historic woodland of 8 acres dating back to the 1790’s as part of the Whitley Beaumont Estate, conveniently placed on the hills between Huddersfield and Wakefield …”
address:Cockley Woodland Weddings,
Ninevah Farm,
Liley Lane,
three words:
phone:07508 519451

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