Hatfeild Hall – Venue – Wakefield

This is a Grade II Mansion House with scenic grounds. They have several spaces, with the largestĀ able to seat 120 guests for a formal meal and 195 for an informal style of event. They also have smaller spaces for parties of 20 or fewer. For those who like to make a stylish entrance, there is a long tree lined driveway.

business name:Hatfeild Hall
what they do
(in their own words, Sept 2021)
“Hatfeild Hall is the perfect location for your very special day. An attractive 18th century historic building, located in a beautiful setting and approached from a long, sweeping, tree lined driveway. The views and photo locations make Hatfeild Hall the perfect place for capturing those memories that will last forever.”
address:Hatfeild Hall
Aberford Road
West Yorkshire
three words:
phone:01924 377943

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