HQ Banqueting Suite – Venue – Bradford

Another sizeable venue, with seating capacity for over 1000. They put on all sorts of events, and the in-house catering team specialise in the finest Asian cuisine. There are packages for ever pocket, and a lot of flexibility in how your day is organised. Definitely worth a look around.

business name:HQ Banqueting Suite
what they do
(in their own words, Sept 2021)
“We appreciate that weddings require a lot of time and can cause a lot of stress, as such we don’t just offer you a hall we provide a team of experienced wedding planners to fulfil your every need to minimise your stress and let you enjoy your moment. Our large and dynamic venue offers you a platform to create a variety of themes and unleash your creativity and our team will assist you all the way.”
address:HQ Banqueting Suite,
Bolling Road,
three words:
phone:01274 732025

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