Malmaison Liverpool – Venue – Liverpool

This venue by a stylish hotel group offers a wedding package. This particular hotel is described as ‘decadence on the docks’ which you may find attractive or otherwise for your wedding. They have a range of rooms for your ceremony and or your wedding feast. You need to see their website for more.

business name:Malmaison Liverpool
What they do
(in their own words, Sept 2021)
“Your wedding is like no other. We can make it so. You have it all pictured. The stunning dress (in pink). The snazzy set up. All your favourite dishes on the menu. The ring carried in on your pet pooch’s back. (Ok maybe not the last one). Leave it with us.”
address:7 William Jessop Way,
L3 1QZ
three words:
phone:0330 016 0381 (events)

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