Mansfield Traquair – Venue – Edinburgh

A splendidly unusual venue, which is certain to give your guests plenty to talk about and remember. They say that their Baldacchino, Nave and secluded garden are made for wedding ceremonies. Heritage Portfolio are the ‘event partners’ for the venue which is named for the murals of Phoebe Anna Traquair which decorate the walls. 

business name:Mansfield Traquair
what they do
(in their own words, Sept 2021)
“Wildly romantic, graced with the most beautiful art and steeped in history, a wedding celebrated here is destined to join the realms of the fairytale. Aptly referred to as “Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel”, Mansfield Traquair is an awe-inspiring hidden gem …”
Heritage Portfolio at Mansfield Traquair,
15 Mansfield Place,
three words:
phone:0330 1233 885

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