Prestonfield House – Venue – Edinburgh

With a very wide range of locations, this attractive venue sets out to fit the needs of most wedding parties. They even have a private dining room for two, hidden in a stone turret stair with your own waiter. At the other end of the scale, their ballroom is big enough for many hundreds of guests.

business name:Prestonfield House
what they do
(in their own words, Sept 2021)
“Everything you need to make your day unique; history, romance, a breathtaking setting all just moments from the centre of Edinburgh yet totally secluded. With acres of lush camera-ready parkland surrounding Scotland’s most glamorous hotel, where could be better for your most special day?”
address:Prestonfield House,
Priestfield Rd,
EH16 5UT
three words:
phone:0131 225 7800

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