The Royal Armouries – Venue – Leeds

Interesting that they have a dedicated website linked from their main site (see below) for their Asian Wedding package. They clearly have experience of very large weddings as they mention 800 hotel beds within a 5 minute walk and a multi storey car park for 1,650 cars nearby. The venue option includes New Dock Hall which is opposite the Royal Armouries Museum in the heart of the vibrant Leeds Dock development

business name:The Royal Armouries
what they do
(in their own words, Sept 2021)
“Royal Armouries Conference & Events have built a strong reputation for providing an exceptional service for wedding couples who require the very best service in Leeds and indeed Yorkshire. We have an enviable reputation for creating an extravagant Asian Wedding experience with our warm hospitable approach, whilst adhering to cultural traditions.”
with main website at:
address:Royal Armouries Museum,
West Yorkshire
LS10 1LT
three words:
phone:0113 220 1990

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