The Venue Leicester – Venue – Leicester

Apparently this was a manufacturing works before being converted into a multi-purpose space. It is clearly suitable for large weddings and a visit would be essential to get an understanding of the available spaces. The website also has a depth of information for those who prefer to investigate from a distance.

business name:The Venue Leicester
what they do
(in their own words, Sept 2021)
“The venue has the flexibility to organise events which may be “theme orientated” or based upon cultural and religious festivals. We offer our clientele a full package service, so that you needs are met. The hall also has a fully equipped kitchen which can cater for any size function.”
address:The Venue Leicester,
101 Gwendolen Rd,
LE5 5FL 
three words:
phone:0845 0666786 or 0797 2222 100

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